“Shaandar” What is it?

Shaandar has played a wide role in spreading the options the online shopping and has gained the trust of customers since 2015.

Quality Assurance:

Shaandar.pk has a variety of over 150 fragrances in their best possible quality. We also deal in imported perfumes from all over the world and are no doubt original.

Credited of extremely good services and excellent quality products, Shaandar has woven its name in Pakistan’s online shopping industry. Now, in numerous cities of Pakistan our products are appreciated by customers and they encourage their fellows to buy them as well.

Other Quality Confirmed Products:-

Shaandar deals majorly in Fragrances but after finding extremely trustworthy products ie. Honey,Handwash and various plant oils ; Shaandar has been selling them and has gained favorable responses and reviews. Various customers have been ordering them repeatedly because they simply adored their quality.


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