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Gender: Men

Quantity: 25ml

Form: Oil Form

Packing: Glass Bottle with Roller


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We are providing you the Pure Cool water Attar. Our all Attars are commonly made via hydro or natural stream process. You may choose from a wide range of Attar fragrance & scents at Shaandar. We assure you that we provide 100% pure scents in Arabic and English Fragrance in oil forms at cost-effective rates.

Around the world, perfumes have now replaced with attar. As the Attar perfumes are not just a source of finishing touch for the morning wardrobe, but it is also an essential part of life and prayer. Most significantly, it doesn’t contain the Alcohol. And these aromatic blends of oils extracted from natural ingredients, such as; flower petals, herbs and spices, which has the enough power to refresh your soul.

Since, the Attars are Alcohol free, so their fragrance lasts longer and relatively stronger than normal perfumes. Pure Attars are only available in Oil forms, instead the perfumes contains the Alcohol which the main reason that its aroma lasts for shirt time.

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Weight .5 kg

1 review for Buy Pure Cool water Attar by Shaandar

  1. Asad Ahmad

    Seems authentic to me. Smells just like the one my friend has that turned me on to it to begin with. I cant guarantee anything because ive only ever bought it from here but I love it

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