Ghalaf e Kaaba Attar High Quality in Pakistan

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The Most Famous Fragrance in Spiritual World

Ghilaf e Kaaba is a fragrance that is appreciated by everyone and is the most famous Arabic fragrance. Because of its attachment with the Kaaba itself.
Ghilaf e Kaaba is 100% pure perfume oil which will make your body smell extremely aromatic. Applying the Attar to your body rather than your cloths will make it stay longer as well as it is perfectly harmless for the body applying. Oil attar are heat activated so applying it on your body; especially the areas where pulse area will make it spread more in your surroundings.

Ghalaf-e-Kaaba is an Attar that is perfect for every occasion. Gifting it to someone is a perfect idea as it is both a men’s and women’s perfume. provides 100% pure attar so at the start it will give off a strong scent the start. But after some time when attar mixes with your skin, it start giving a light and pleasant smell around you that will stay with you for 10-15 hours. Rubbing the perfume after applying will kill the top notes of the fragrance so don’t rub it and enjoy the sweet aromatic flora of the attar for a whole day as Shaandar provides you the most popular Arabic attar in it’s purest and original form.

Shaandar provides high-quality ghalaf e kaaba attar at your doorstep no delivery charges in Pakistan


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